Smart Ideas: Revisited

Smart Ideas: Revisited

Why Marriages Fall Apart

Marriage is sacred and its between man and woman and God. While you can enjoy marriage over and over again there comes a time when things start going down. When things start going bad then its time you know your marriage is in a crisis . Check out the following signs to know when your marriage is falling apart.

Constant arguments. Disagreeing turns into arguments. Sometimes with prolonged arguments whereby one partner only prefers that you do or see things their way, its called coercion, it’s unhealthy, you risk losing a wife or a husband. Due to this marriage could end a mystery.

You are not intimate with each other, could as well be a reason for marriages falling apart. Sex is not a must in a relationship though it is important. If you get to know that you are not enjoying sex with your partner then that marriage is doomed already. There are things that affect sex life like kids, low libido and stress may hinder you, you eventually lose interest in each other hence your marriage goes south.

Your marriage can fail because of many negative feelings. Marriage could be in trouble if its full of negative energy. Where you are less bothered about the other, and you don’t seem to have time for them, you can’t buy the flowers as you did before. With this going on over and over again, believe me, you will lose your partner.

There are these situations where at first you are wrong, but your partner understands you and forgives you, but you still go ahead and do it twice and it on and on and so forth. Like for instance when you cheat on your spouse, and you go ahead and repeat it your wife might leave you or your . spouse threatens divorce You risk infections like STDs, then the partner will try to avoid the marriage hence it will go down.

Where you can’t get along with one another could be a serious problem. Failure to get along with each other matters concerning your marriage could damage your marriage very bad.

Constant threats are other signs. Like in the case of anger you start shouting and boiling that you could divorce your husband that thing will stick in the mind of your husband and maybe someday it might happen. Lack of sharing too. This could lead to separation and marriage goes under.

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