Looking On The Bright Side of

Looking On The Bright Side of

Points To Note About High Blood Pressure

Research has shown that so many people in America are suffering from high blood pressure, and so many of them suffer from this condition, and they have no idea. That is why her blood pressure is among the diseases that are known as silent Killers. There are a couple of devices which are used in measuring high blood pressure and on that machine it is important for you to know that these numbers which are usually high and low are known as systolic and diastolic. The systolic numbers should always be less than 120 while else your diastolic numbers should always be less than 80 anything above these numbers means that you have high blood pressure. There are usually two types of hypertension one is known as secondary hypertension and the other primary hypertension.

Primary hypertension does take years to be detectable. There are a couple of different things that leads to primary hypertension, for example, your lifestyle and genes. Doctors and researchers are not able to tell what exactly causes primary high blood pressure. For secondary hypertension, there are so many boxes that leads to this type of high blood pressure, and it is very quick to detect. For secondary high blood pressure so many things can cause this condition for example medication, kidney and thyroid. What many people don’t know is that over-the-counter medication and illegal drugs can cause secondary hypertension. No one can be able to know if they will get hypertension though there are a couple of factors which puts you at risk of suffering from high blood pressure for example age, bad diet stress and even smoking. If you suffer from hypertension and you go untreated for years this will definitely lead to your condition worsening, and you might even lose your life.

Not taking medication usually we can see you blood vessels and later on the end up bulging, and then they bust and this is how people end up dying. High blood pressure does lead to blindness because the blood vessels in your eyes can end up either tearing or even taken in and this can damage your eyesight. Blood pressure is also known for being the cause of heart attacks and sleep apnea. The blood pressure usually lowers but if you suffer from a condition that is known as sleep apnea it affects your blood pressure, and it ends up increasing it. If your blood pressure is always high during the night and day time you will be at risk of suffering from Heart Attack.

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