Learn What Could Happen if You Run a Red Light

Learn What Could Happen if You Run a Red Light

Red lights don’t appear out of nowhere. The light turns yellow for at least a few seconds before turning red to give drivers time to slow their vehicle and stop for the light. Yet, people still run red lights. When this happens, the driver could end up causing an accident that could lead to serious injuries for them or others.

Causing an Accident

As soon as the light turns green, the traffic starts to move. Someone who runs a red light is moving through the intersection at the same time as vehicles going the other way. This means there’s a large chance the person who ran the red light is going to cause an accident. Depending on the speed they were going at the time of the accident, they could be seriously injured and the people in the vehicle they hit could be seriously injured as well.

Fault for Causing an Accident

When two vehicles collide, liability is determined by who caused the accident. In instances where one driver ran a red light, that driver is the one at fault for the accident. It does not matter if the driver who ran the red light hit another vehicle or the other vehicle hit them because they were breaking the law when the accident happened. The driver who is at fault will be responsible for paying the accident-related expenses of the people in the other vehicle. Depending on their insurance limits, they could end up paying quite a bit out of pocket for this.

Higher Insurance or Dropped Insurance

Insurance is required for drivers, but someone who runs a red light and causes a serious accident may find their insurance company drops them as a customer. This means the insurance company has decided they’re too big of a risk and cancels the policy. Even if the insurance company doesn’t decide to cancel the policy, they will raise the rates of the driver because they’re more of a liability.

When you’re driving, remember to pay attention to the road and never run a red light. Failing to pay attention or running red lights are common causes of very serious accidents. Drive carefully to ensure you don’t end up causing an accident that could have been easily avoided.

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