Doing The Right Way

Doing The Right Way

Significant Statistics About Immigration and Economic Growth
America was entirely built on the concept of immigration from the early days of colonization all the way to the current times with immigration having contributed to not only diversity but also growth as well. It is however so interesting how so many people especially in America perceive immigration with so much controversy and negativity when it has brought American all the way to its current state with all the economic growth that comes with the subject. First of all, everyone must understand and agree that immigration and economic growth go hand in hand which brings the need for people to study and familiarize with some of the statistics about the impact of immigration before forming an opinion about the whole issue. This useful is primarily meant to shed some light on what immigration is as well as how it helps to enhance economic growth not just in America but also any other country across the world today as a way of eliminating the controversy that most people associate it with most of the time.

There is no denying that immigrants are always top of every immigration and economic issue in the United States over the years and it seems like it is not stopping any time soon as well. It is, however, vital to note that only about 3% of the current U.S population makes this part of immigrants with the rest being legal ones which means that majority of the US immigrants either gained their citizenship, live there based on green card renewal or have work visas. Even with the 3% of immigrants that is in the country illegally, it is great to hear that they still work and pay their taxes to the government but however receive very little government benefits considering that they are in the country illegally. Research that was recently done by the Institution on Taxation & Economic Policy states that these unauthorized immigrants contribute significantly to the US taxes in the form of tens of billions of dollars every year which is not a figure to ignore.

There is a study that was done in 2018 which shows that about 28% of the United States population which is about 89.4 million people is made up of immigrants. The number of immigrants in the States, however, keeps fluctuating and the in-flux or out-flux of immigrants largely has to do with the current policy as well as economic issues. There has however been recently a rise in the immigration statistics with a lot having a lot to do with low reproductive rates among native-born citizens while at the same time the latter population born from early 2000 falling drastically. In addition to ensuring faster growth of the population in the US, it is also vital to note that immigrants also bring in more innovation as well.

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