3 Lessons Learned:

3 Lessons Learned:

How Addiction Recovery Treatment is Benefiting From. Technology

Drug and alcohol disorder simultaneously affects one out of every eight American adults according to recent study findings. In reality, addiction is a severe problem in the US. In the United States, the number of operational drug treatment centres is reported or be fifteen thousand. Different healthcare professionals are responsible for ensuring that healthcare in the facilities is well taken care of. As a patient, you could either be admitted to a hospital, treated outside a hospital or get residential treatment. There is new found hope for people dealing with addiction and this is all down to the public’s access to technology and the internet. Technology has become a mainstay in today’s life that people are looking to integrate it into healthcare. Although it may be achieved in future, the current state does not allow us to depend on tech alone to take care of patients. Technology is more effective when it is used together with in-person treatment. This method of treatment is still seeing new achievements being unlocked. This page looks to help you learn about the different ways technology has aided in the addiction recovery treatment process.

Although technology has brought about quite a number of benefits to our lives, how effective it can be and why it may be favoured is still yet to be seen. Without technology, it would be nigh on impossible for patients to use proven methods at a time, place, and consistency that works best for them.

Although it is still early days, it is clear that there is still more to come from cognitive behavioural therapy and therapeutic education system in relation to addiction recovery treatment. CBT4CBT, a new variation of cognitive behavioural therapy was recently introduced as a self guided online program that helps patients understand substance abuse better. There was a nineteen percent increase in the chances of patients staying away from cocaine if the program findings are anything to go by.

Cognitive behavioural therapy, unlike therapeutic education system, is less geared towards technology. It combines this with a positive reinforcement that is prize based. Combining therapeutic education system with traditional therapy showed that most user’s were able to maintain abstinence. What makes therapeutic education system better is the fact that it contains modules that helped in the prevention of HIV, hepatitis and other STDs. Positive reinforcement has also been applied in neuro feedback therapy. It is a method that reached patients to crave rewards that act as substitutes for alcohol and drugs.

The doctor is able to read the patients brainwaves by connecting them to electrodes. When a patient shows a positive response, the doctor rewards them with a more positive reinforcement.

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